Friday, April 17, 2015

Who inspires me

   Heidi (my mom) inspires me a lot! Because she helps people that have a certain disability or no disability and she cares about people with disabilities. She doesn’t look at people with a disgusting way or the way they act or the way of their response. If people need somebody to talk about anything to my mom is always there to help people and she won't just help certain people, she will help anybody that have disabilities or the color they are. But like some people they won’t help them because they are disabled or of their color. 
   My mom will give or take almost anybody's advice. And she will stand up for what she believes in. But when she listens to somebody’s advice she will not take the exact same thing they said she will just switch it around a little. But sometimes people just don’t give her the best advice.But when people tell her advice she will listen and come up with a solution on her beliefs. 
Heidi has her own success. I personally like her success is because when she completes a task and realizes that she couldn’t do any better but she will never give up on herself! She will get back up on her feet and try over and over again util she thinks she has it right.
   When I ask my mom about her child hood and what problems in school she had, I was so confused because the way she is now seems like she is a different person. She had so much trouble when she was in school, her hardest classes were Math and Science. But with the help of her teachers and parents she became the person she is today! Now that she is an adult and she has kids she helps them the most she can , but when she helps me she always tells me to try over and over again and I still can do it she will come over and explain it to me. It seems like when I have trouble and I can’t do it by myself I will ask a parent or any teacher to have them explain it to me and when they sit there beside me it feels like their smartness just goes right to my mind then I’m like never mind I understand it now.

   The reason my mom inspires me a whole bunch is because she will push me till I understand something. She will never give up on be and when I’m down she will always get me back up on my feet again to keep on trying what I do best. And she will always try to give me the best advice.

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