Friday, February 20, 2015

Probation Officer

Why I want  to go to college 

In the dictionary the definition of a Probation Officer is someone who, works with individuals who are on probation instead of jail time When I told my mom when I was little I always wanted to be a Probation Officer and she didn’t know what I said but then I said it again and them my Uncle Lenny walked through the door and my mom told me to say it to him so I said I want to be a Probation Officer then everyone was quite and then we said to you want to be a Probation Officer and I nodded my head and said “Yes” How it all started and since I was like 6 I would always researched on my moms computer “What does a Probation Officer do?”

My Uncle Jerid Wedige and he is a Probation Officer but his office is at the Capital, the Probation Officers must keep in contact with all of their offenders and their family members, the juggle deadlines enforced by the courts and ensure that those under their supervision meets all the terms of their probation, and even including drug test, only if necessary.

Well if you want to become a Probation Officer you will need a Bachelor’s Degree and you will have to go to college but I am not sure about how many years you have to go to college? According to the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics and  Probation Officers must work with the court as well as analyzing a probationer’s file and making recommendation regarding sentencing. And a Probation Officer must be able to listen to the communicate with others interpreting their mood and their reactions. They must also successfully manage their own time and teach other people and about the importance of time management.