Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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I am a Log

Nebraska List Poem

                    Corn is for livestock and for people 
                  Runza is really good at Norfolk
                Huskers always try to beat any other                    team     Livestock makes food for us to live
           Ariculture is the way the people live 
         FFA is a Future Farmers of America 


Monday, December 8, 2014


Summer is full of beautiful smells and tastes
Undo the straps of the four-wheelers on the trailer
Memories of the good times from the last summer
Memories of the accidents from the children
Eating the delicious food(sandbox,catfish,smore's)
Remember the good old time when you were with                   your friends!


Well in Nebraska we have seen watching 2 big Dukes if we leave it awhile the 1 Duke might become a 6x6 and the 2 Duke might become a 7x7 or a 8x8 but when you are hunting you smell fresh flowers and guts of a deer and you can taste hot and spicy jerky

Free Choice Poem

English is fun to learn✏️📓
Never give up when you are doing poems📓
Give your best effort✨👍
Learn well and do your best 
I will always love English class
Success no matter what 
Have laughter when you do poems in class

Life is Love Poem

Life is Love
Full of fish in the sea
When you get done
There is always more fish to leave with
It will never run out
When you have kids
There will be fish in the sea for them
But it is always ok if they don't catch the perfect fish
It is always ok if they are a few years apart
Then always there will be a wedding
And then there will be children to come