Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writing a name Poem

It means Brave, Strong, Athletic
It is the number 44
It is like sky, light
It is Florida
It is memory of Heidi
Who taught me practice and hard-work
When s/he when I helped her fold clothes
My name is Baylea
It means Life is hard. But I believe in myself

Acrostic Poem

             Hundred of times you miss
          Uncover your-self
          Nice Deer/Buck or Doe
          Think well about what you shoot
          I love shooting big Bucks 
          Never give up on leaving
          Guns always are firing

Monday, November 24, 2014


You don’t need to have Success all you need to do is believe. I had 3 tests to do today and at first I didn’t believe in myself but when I walked into the room I started to think I should believe in myself so that I can accomplish my dream and what I wanted to get done right.

By:Baylea Conato