Friday, October 31, 2014

OHS pet Ghost

Have you ever seen something move without anybody there?
Well sometimes you might run into him in the Lunchroom of OHS. Well, if you want to know about him and what he does and what he looks likes. Well his name is Alatraco Coniato Mahbia he is thirteen years old he lives in the Lunchroom he has dark brown hair, he always wears Under Amour clothes ,and shoes Alatraco Conato Mabhia also has freckles on his cheeks and Dimples and on his cheeks when he smiles.
     He is really shy when he meets new people and really crazy, but sometimes calm at parties or dances his behavior is great. When he interacts with other people he is really shy. Some times on his spare time he plays football with his other ghost friends. One day this new kid came to OHS and he came a only child but when he looked at his sheet he was not an only kid he had two little sister. The little girls always followed him around doesn’t that sound weird the little girls were not living they past away a year ago but I thought that night in the Lunchroom where were the little girls. Well the next morning he woke up of the noise of little girls laughing so when he saw them run away but did not see them very good. When it was time to have lunch he saw the girls again but they stayed there and as I watched them they were tripping the kids and spilling their plates.
      The next day he woke up right before the kids came to lunch but that day it was worst the spray painted the walls and put the kids to sleep so they could be late for their next class so when I finally got after them and they tried to put me to sleep but it did not work.
     So I swept thought the lunch line and accidently bumped into all of the trays and I never went back there again! I was so scared too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Rock-a-bye, tired baby,
   In the redwood tree top:
When the wind howles,
   The playpen will rock;
When the bough scarily breaks,
   The cradle will fall slowly ;
Down will come sobbing little baby,

   playpen and all.