Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Personal Brand Video-IAM video

three thing that i learned from doing this project are:

          * how to use quicktime player

          * I learned how to use iMovie

          * I learned a lot of things about me

Monday, September 15, 2014

"Dot Day"

 Dot Day The book kind of tells you who ever you are your are creative no matter what you make there is no write or wrong. What ever you create it is alway beautiful even if you don't think it is beautiful it is but to other people it is great and creative!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Unforgettable Day

 An Unforgettable School Day
One day about 8 years ago, it was Halloween which is also my birthday. The whole class dressed in their costumes for the Halloween party and pictures. My mom made special birthday cupcakes for me to share with the class.  Even though, I am a Halloween baby I have never really liked the holiday Halloween. 
Everyone in my class played Halloween games and probably ate too much candy. Some kids in the class were dressed as pirates, angels, and princesses. 
I really liked motorcycles so I decided to dress up like a biker. I had a leather coat, jeans, black boots, bandana, and even a tattoo. Well, it was a fake tattoo.  My teacher was dressed like a biker too! 
Just when I thought it was just another Halloween party, Ms. Johnson surprised the entire class with pictures. Jack Cole came to school on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and let everyone take a picture.  
My picture was even more special than the other pictures.  Ms. Johnson and I took a picture together.  Plus Jack Cole is a friend of my Papa Steve that has passed away.  So even though I don’t like Halloween, this was still a pretty special day and I will never forget.