Friday, August 29, 2014


            Here is my room. It is like a picture out of a magazine adorned with zebra decor. My bedroom is painted two different colors. The north and south walls are painted white. The east and west walls are painted watermelon pink. I have white and black zebra curtains over the west and south window in my room. The left side of my room has my white dresser that holds my miss me jeans,capris and my athletic shorts. The left side of my bedroom has my flat screen tv and my white shelf that hold black cubes. The black cubes hold my stuff that I don’t really need. I can’t forget about my egress window in the middle of the left wall. The egress window is my escape if there is a fire. Sometimes when I look out my egress window, I might even see a long green snake. On  the right side of my room has a white 3 shelf bookcase that holds my pink radio. I also have another dresser  that hold stuff that I don’t really use that often. It has zebra print on it too and the texture feels like leather. 

On the bottom of my bookshelf, I keep my books and pictures of my dad,Nestor, my stepmom ,Sheena, and also my little step sister Melania. But in the middle of my room has my trundle bed my bed it is not quiet exciting. It is a large white poster day bed. Occasionally you can find black hair bands or my Under Armour bag hanging from the posts of my bed. The comforter is black zebra and my sheets are black and white zebra. Right below my bed there is a“few” dirty clothes.  On the wall to the left and right of my bed there is large black frames that also have a zebra theme. 
Across from my bed is my closet with dresses and shirts and good wardrobe. The closet doors are usually left open. There are piles of shoes on the bottom of my closet. And on my wall beside my closet I have a green mirror that holds a pictures of  my sister Melania. 

My room may not be special to everyone but it is special to me.  It holds many things that describe who I am and pictures of people I love. I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

6 word story

My 6 word story is:

                Don't be somebody be else yourself

By: Baylea C.